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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Logic of Intuition

(Revised and Reprinted)

You know how every now and then, you get an intutive nudge to do something that seems completely random?  And then upon doing so, happen upon a paradigm shift?  Personally, I think that's Grace happening to you.  God in action.  A grace that, by making the choice to listen to some subtle, but ever-present voice inside, allows us to transcend where we just were only moments ago.  Life is like that.  Turns out It's not always the practical, obvious choices we make out of our logic, but rather the seemingly tiniest thought-shifts.  The baby steps we take in proactive faith, that finally shape our lives...from the inside out. 

I haven't blogged in a long while...don't know why really, except that perhaps it seemed unimportant--serving no "practical" purpose in the midst of everything else that pulls human focus from one day to the next.  Actually, from one MOMENT to the next.  To their credit, logic and practicality allow us to deal with what we already know to do...technically-speaking.  They show us how to work "better" within the light we already "see" in our current sphere of understanding--understanding of our lives, our relationships, ourselves.  But it is only by intuition that we discover.  This is how we broaden our focus...take a birds' eye view and look around at where we are in the "grand scheme" or whatever.  It is also in this state that we're most unedited and able to hear God speak to us.

Whenever we are in logic mode, it seems so difficult to allow intuition to flow.  Maybe it's because whilst in an intuitive state you are more vulnerable.  The Heart is exposed and we can feel...well...littler.  This can be a little unsettling for the average modern human.  However, it is only when we stand inwardly alone and exposed while letting our hearts wander and wonder adventurously that we will discover most things that are worthwhile--be it joy, pain, realization, whatever. 

Interestingly enough, even Dr. House teaches this to us.  Somehow, despite all of his cynically-brilliant logic that we've come to adore, and by which he seeks to solve his cases..inevitably is it not intuitive revelation that ultimately wins the day? 

Interesting insights from Mariana Cooper:

It's a comforting thought, however, to find that the greatest joy to be found while standing there "alone" and exposed, is that you are not really alone at all.  And you never will be.  :)